HaxPad - a Programmers' Editor for Windows RT and 8

HaxPad is a simple single-file programmers' editor for Windows RT and Windows 8. HaxPad was written because there were no highlighting editors for Windows RT, and its author needed something to work with on his Surface RT.

And because the author is dogfooding, here's what you get:


  • Syntax highlighting for 52 languages plus plaintext
    1. Apache Velocity templates
    2. c
    3. c++
    4. c# (needs work)
    5. Clojure
    6. Coffeescript
    7. CSS
    8. Diff files
    9. ECL
    10. Erlang
    11. Google Go
    12. Groovy
    13. Haskell
    14. Haxe
    15. HTML
    16. Javascript
    17. Jinja 2
    18. LaTeX
    19. LESS
    20. LISP (Common Lisp)
    21. Lua
    22. Markdown (Git-flavored)
    23. OCaml
    24. Pascal
    25. Perl
    26. PHP
    27. Properties files
    28. Python
    29. R
    30. RDF
    31. RDF N-Triples
    32. RDF SparQL
    33. reStructuredText_
    34. Ruby
    35. Rust
    36. Scheme
    37. Shell script
    38. Sieve Mail Filters
    39. Smalltalk
    40. Smarty
    41. SQL (MySQL dialect)
    42. SQL (PostgreSQL dialect)
    43. sTeX
    44. TeX
    45. VBScript
    46. Verilog
    47. Visual Basic
    48. WikiText (TiddlyWiki)
    49. WikiText (Tiki)
    50. XML
    51. XQuery
    52. YAML
  • Not just search and replace: regular expression search and replace, top-screened to stay out of your way
  • HTML and XML tag completion
  • Single file editing for virtually any code type (multi-file coming soon)
  • Automatic match highlighting
  • Live highlighting of unbalanced DOM
  • Editor backgrounding. If your web browser saves its state after a shutdown, why doesn't your editor?
  • A dozen color themes
  • Word wrap! (so many programmers' editors forget it. ☹)
  • Available to RT devices such as Surface RT

The Purpose

We all want to write code on our new Surfaces. ... and now we can.

The Price

TextMate is $50. UltraEdit is $50. Sublime Text is $60.

So while this is a limited editor, HaxPad is just three bucks. As it gets better, the price will go up, but existing owners won't have to re-pay, so, buy early and save.

The price will raise to $5 at version 2, which will include multi-file and two secret features we're really excited about.

There's a two week free trial, to help you decide if it's worth the money. :)

The Footer Text

HaxPad is a product of Long Hair Software. We have a nice privacy policy.